Jackie Cadillac

by Teen Archer

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released June 5, 2017

All songs written by Teen Archer



all rights reserved


Teen Archer Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Jackie Cadillac
Jackie Cadillac Car – A clad of fast flash luxury
Jackie Cadillac Car – Will knock your eyes half down the street

She’s half man made
Half mad machine
She rolls like thunder
She drinks gasoline
She stings like rubber
She’s got me on heat
She gives me rabies

She’s dotted with a star
Dotted with a star
Everybody wants to take a ride with me
Cuz like fuck!
I got the coolest car
Dotted with a star
Dotted with a star
I’ll tear thru your town like a B-17
You’re gonna end up underneath
Jackie Cadillac!

Jackie Cadillac Car – The street shark screams thru the reds
Jackie Cadillac Car – She’s got the key ya need to gild your set

The top is down and everyone can see
Her ignition explode deep inside of me
I’m manic lust for that machine
I call her baby
Track Name: Rebel
You don’t understand
Don’t want me hangin’ around in your Promised Land
Don’t share a state of mind
That’s why you got me nailed under downcast eyes
You say I’m not your kind
I’m just passing thru but here to die

You treat me like a rebel
Wretched trash of the human zoo
I get ya hot as the devil
Cuz your game I thru
You know your game is thru

It’s a lonely night
When your fast asleep I hold my fret board tight
It’s a happy day
I lay my brightest eyes on the deepest grain
It’s a wonder time
When I’m rattlin’ groove you’re just sullen jive

You treat me like a rebel
Thrust stone honey gift abuse
You wanna freeze the world in cryogenic views
The curse of being you

Feeling so down on my luck
Even sold out all my love
Feeling so down about her

They shout ya down and they kick you around
When you’re shining like the sun
They call you rebel
And they shoot to kill
Cuz their lives just ain’t no fun

But if you a fan the flame
Look out for the blaze
Cause you’re really gonna get it
Maybe then you’ll understand